Welcome to Murphy’s Barber Shop!

Nestled in the heart of Big Bear Lake, Murphy’s Barber Shop has been a staple of the community for almost half a century. Our doors have welcomed generations of families, friends, and neighbors, all looking for that perfect blend of classic service and friendly banter.

As the sun sets on our time in Big Bear, we’re not ready to say goodbye just yet. That’s why we’re keeping the tradition alive, one week a month.

About Us

Our Story

36 of haircuts and stories. Murphy’s isn’t just a place for a trim—it’s where memories are made. Founded on the principles of good company and great service, we’ve been here through it all.

Our Founder

With scissors in hand and a smile to greet you, our founder has been the face of Murphy’s for as long as anyone can remember. A master of his craft, he’s decided to chase the sun to Arizona but carries Big Bear in his heart.


Offering you the classic cuts and close shaves with the expertise only decades of experience can bring. Our services may be traditional, but our style is timeless.

I´ll be back:

Please check the website from time to time to see the date when I´ll be back!

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