LumiVitae - Moleculare Hydrogen Water


This groundbreaking initiative serves to replicate the invigorating and life-giving effects the sun has on water, bridging the gap between natural processes and modern technology.

The lid serves as the vessel of the bottleʼs unique ability to emit a precise field of frequencies.



To ensure a clean, safe, and effective process, we use high-quality electrodes and membranes, along with appropriate voltage, to guarantee the production of pure hydrogen-rich water without the presence of unwanted byproducts and metal leaching.



Intricately calibrated magnets in the base mimicking the magnetic field of the Earthʼs core.

They are not powered by electricity but are permanent magnets that offer a steady, natural-like magnetic field.



Modern science is gradually uncovering the depth of these ancient beliefs, exploring the possibility that water has the capacity to store and transmit information.

With CellPower Hydrogen Water bottle you have the power to customize your hydration experience, by selecting a frequency that resonates with you.



It has deep historical roots, drawing from centuries-old traditions that believe in the therapeutic effects of colors on the human psyche and body.

It’s important to note that this feature is not intended to directly affect the water but rather ourselves. If desired, it allows us to observe the effect of the chosen light on the water during the process.

What Revolutionary Attributes Distinguish Our Bottle From The Market Competition?

Discover the secret to a life full of vitality with the Lumivitae CellPower Bottle – a revolution in how you consume water. Our bottle is not just a vessel for drinking, but a marvel of engineering that delivers the purest hydrogen-rich water to you. Powered by the science of molecular hydrogen, backed by scientific research, we open the door to a world of health benefits for you.

The CellPower Bottle is equipped with three special frequency sets and carefully crafted magnets that mimic the Earth’s magnetic field, turning your water into an elixir of life. The ease of use and unique health benefits, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties, make it an indispensable companion for anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

Nuno Nina, a visionary in Integrative Medicine, has designed every detail of this unique technology with his expertise in Mathematics, Systems Engineering, and Biochemistry. Through his commitment to quality and innovation, the CellPower Bottle offers not just a product, but a holistic experience.

With a lifespan of at least 7 years and a 2-year warranty, the CellPower Bottle stands for durability and reliability. It is more than just a water bottle – it is a lifestyle filled with health, vitality, and community.

Invest in your well-being with the Lumivitae CellPower Bottle and experience the power of molecular hydrogen. With Lumivitae, we don’t just drink water; we live a lifestyle marked by science and serenity.

The bottle also offers unique features like chromotherapy functions with seven different colors and a precise frequency field that highlights the effect of the sun on water, making the drinking experience not only healthy but also sensorially enriching. Additionally, personal customer support is available to maintain a close relationship with our customers and assist them with any questions or support needs.

We Asked an AI to Reveal the Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen Water

The benefits of molecular hydrogen water include:

1. **Enhanced Performance and Endurance:** Studies have shown that hydrogen-rich water (HRW) can enhance aerobic and anaerobic performance by serving as an effective hydration strategy, reducing blood lactate levels, thus minimizing muscular fatigue during exercise. It may also speed up recovery after high-intensity workouts and reduce inflammation.

2. **Antioxidant Properties:** Molecular hydrogen exhibits antioxidant effects by regulating the cellular antioxidant systems, preventing and reducing oxidative stress when present.

3. **Anti-inflammatory Effects:** Molecular hydrogen can exhibit anti-inflammatory properties by modulating the body’s inflammatory responses, achieved by addressing oxidative stress and regulating pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines.

4. **Anti-allergic Effects:** Molecular hydrogen can alleviate allergic reactions by modulating immune responses.

5. **Anti-aging Benefits:** Molecular hydrogen offers promising benefits in slowing down the aging process by influencing various factors that contribute to aging. It can reduce oxidative stress and promote cellular health, which may slow down aging and improve overall well-being.

6. **Support for Cellular Hydration:** Molecular hydrogen can improve cellular hydration by acting on the activity or expression of aquaporins, especially if there is a deficit in the body’s hydration mechanisms.

7. **Stress Management and Mental Focus:** Molecular hydrogen can help maintain cognitive functions under stress, which is crucial for mental clarity and focus. This is particularly important for athletes but can also be beneficial in everyday life.

These insights are based on the documented properties and effects of molecular hydrogen water as evidenced in studies and scientific research.

Transform Your Health: Hydrogen Water & Clean Slate

For individuals embarking on a journey to detoxify their bodies, Clean Slate Detox Drops stand out as an indispensable ally. This innovative solution is engineered to target and bind heavy metals, environmental pollutants, and toxins that accumulate in the body over time, hindering optimal health. With its unique formulation, Clean Slate supports the body’s natural detoxification pathways, facilitating the safe removal of harmful substances.

The true power of Clean Slate lies in its ability to penetrate at a cellular level, ensuring that toxins are effectively flushed out from the body. This process not only aids in enhancing physical well-being but also improves mental clarity and energy levels, contributing to a more vibrant and rejuvenated self. By incorporating Clean Slate Detox Drops into your wellness regimen, you’re taking a decisive step towards purifying your body, paving the way for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Moreover, pairing Clean Slate with the Lumivitae hydrogen water offers the perfect combination for those committed to a comprehensive body detox. Lumivitae’s hydrogen water enhances this detoxification process by providing additional antioxidant support, promoting cellular hydration, and further assisting in the elimination of toxins. Together, they provide a synergistic approach to detoxification, maximizing the benefits and leading to an even more profound impact on your health and well-being.

Embrace the transformative benefits of Clean Slate and Lumivitae hydrogen water, and embark on your detox journey with confidence, knowing that you’re supporting your body in the most profound way possible.

Discover the pathway to a revitalized you with Clean Slate and Lumivitae hydrogen water. Explore more and take the first step towards a toxin-free body today.

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LumiVitae vs. Kangen

Below is an AI-generated answer to the intriguing question of which hydrogen water solution stands out - Lumivitae or Kangen.

If you prioritize the intake of molecular hydrogen water, choosing the right product is crucial, given not all technologies offer the same effectiveness. Molecular hydrogen has garnered attention in scientific studies for its antioxidant properties and ability to selectively neutralize reactive oxygen species without disturbing beneficial radicals. A key criterion for the effectiveness of a hydrogen enrichment system is the amount of molecular hydrogen it can effectively dissolve in water.

### Scientific Consideration:

1. *Molecular Hydrogen Content*: The concentration of dissolved H2 in water is a critical factor. Studies suggest that water with higher concentrations of molecular hydrogen potentially offers more significant health benefits, particularly regarding antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

2. *Stability of Dissolved Hydrogen*: While some systems can generate high concentrations of H2 in water, the ability to maintain these concentrations over time varies. Ideally, the system should keep the hydrogen content stable until the water is consumed.

3. *Purity of Water*: Besides hydrogen enrichment, the quality of the source water matters. Contaminants in water can not only diminish the health benefits but also affect the effectiveness of hydrogen enrichment.

### LumiVitae CellPower vs. Kangen:

– *LumiVitae CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle*: This bottle uses specialized membrane technology to enrich water with molecular hydrogen. By leveraging advanced membrane technology, possibly in combination with electrolysis, the system can effectively dissolve hydrogen in water. The advantage lies in its portability and the ability to generate freshly enriched hydrogen water on the go.

– *Kangen Water Ionizers*: Kangen devices focus on alkalizing water through electrolysis, which also produces hydrogen. However, these systems are primarily designed for producing alkaline water and not specifically focused on maximizing molecular hydrogen content.

### Conclusion:

For someone prioritizing the intake of molecular hydrogen, a dedicated hydrogen water generation system like the LumiVitae CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle might be a better choice since it is specifically designed for this purpose. These systems are optimized to generate and maintain high concentrations of H2, potentially offering greater health benefits.

However, it’s essential to consider scientific evidence and individual needs. Studies supporting the specific health benefits of hydrogen water are promising, but further research is required for definitive conclusions. Users should also consider practicality, cost, and personal preferences when choosing between different systems.